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Thank goodness for technology

Second day on the water – with old technology we would never have started out and would have missed a beautiful sail. We woke up to extreme overcast, which would have made me leery of rain. With Weather Bug – we could see there was no rain in the forecast. We actually have 5 ways of checking weather. This morning, Bob checked three and all agreed (a rare occurrence) that there was no chance of rain until much later this afternoon – so off we went.

Erie is 35 miles to the east and a nice jump closer to Buffalo. We are going at a slower pace today, but doing most of it by sail.

The major task for today was to learn how to use the new Raymarine multifunction display. This is an instrument that combines GPS, radar, wind and ground speed and depth and auto pilot all in one display. The options are endless. Bob really enjoyed seeing the fishing boats that surrounded us on radar. This instrument can tell us our ETA to a variety of waypoints (points along the way that we have identified and named) based on current speed and distance. I am glad to say I think we nearly mastered it.

Arrived in Erie, turned on the air conditioning (decadent) and secured the boat – there is a wind advisory for the next two days. We probably will not leave for Buffalo until Sunday. See Journey page for new pictures.

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