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Got up early Saturday morning and had to wait for the bridge tender so that we could leave Middleport. But leave we did and motored in 25 knot winds and 30 knot gusts to Holley Canal Park. The temperature (60S) and wind were a very big change from the prior 80 degree days. The canal is sheltered by trees and structures so that the wind did not impede our progress. In fact, most of the time the wind came from the stern (back) and may have given us an extra push.

Holley Canal Park is one stop along the canal that Skipper Bob describes as one of the prettiest stops on the Canal. There is a beautiful waterfall and park. It was very strange that while we were there it started to rain, even though there were no apparent rain clouds over head. It rained very lightly and only for a few minutes.

After Holley Canal we motored on to Brockport – a lovely college town (State University of New York). They have volunteers that meet you at their visitor center which also houses restrooms and showers. We were given a map which included information for a walking tour of the town. We walked part of the tour before having a lovely dinner at The Stoneyard Bar and Grill. The architecture of the historic homes and gardens was just beautiful – many dating back to the early 1800s.

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