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We continue to watch the news and follow Irma and wonder how it will impact us and the places we want to go. This is supposed to be one of the worst hurricane seasons in years – great year to pick to go south. We will not do anything to put us in harm’s way. We have considered pulling the boat and continuing next year if the places we want to go have been badly damaged – but that has not yet happened and hopefully it will not.

We continue to enjoy Huntington and our time with Loren and Monica. I spent the afternoon with Monica and Bob worked on boat projects. They had all four of us for dinner Friday night along with friends of theirs – Charlene (originally from Cleveland) and Gordy. Monica and Loren made a fantastic meal with smoked wings, chicken and hamburgers, corn on the cob and cookies still warm from the oven. The fire was beautiful and the conversation was as good as the food. It wasn’t until 10:00 pm that we returned by dinghy to the boat. This time we knew how to get in the gate!

Gordy, Monica, Bob, Sheila, Loren and Charlene in Monica's kitchen.

Karen, Hugh, Sheila and Bob on Monica and Loren's front porch in Huntington.

Saturday we moved the boat from a mooring ball to a slip and I took the time to clean out the refrigerator. We still have the traps down but have not seen any more mice or signs of mice. We will give it a few more days before we say we are mice free. We were planning on borrowing Loren’s car and going to see the Vanderbilt estate but while chewing some licorice I chipped a tooth and instead headed off to the dentist for an emergency dental appointment. I had seen my dentist before leaving and asked him to address anything that looked at risk – but things happen and a piece of a crown broke off on the inside surface of a back tooth (number 3 to be exact). Monica’s dental office was great and fit me in with one hour notice. I am going to need a new crown –oh boy – but they were able to smooth it out and I am in no pain. It will have to wait until I get home for a visit.

We hosted Karen and Hugh for dinner – spaghetti and meat sauce – and discussed our next move. I opened a bottle of wine that we had from Har Odem – the moshav we lived at in the Golan Heights. We had been holding on to this bottle for a long time and it wasn’t bad. Off to Oyster Bay in the am.

Thank you Loren and Monica for being such gracious hosts!

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