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Here I am back in Annapolis and it is a chilly 45 degrees at 8:00 am. One day it was the heat of the summer and the next – fall. We are going to be stuck here for at least five more days while the fuel injection pump is being rebuilt. It had to be sent out yesterday as the engine is still running rough and shaking at idle speed. The engine mechanic is not sure that this is the problem but he doesn’t see anything else that it could be – so we are hopeful that this will fix the issue.

So what are we going to do here for the next five days? Planning, kayaking and flying the drone that Karen got Bob are high on my list. We have some sanding and varnishing to do as well – not so high on my list. I also want to sew a back curtain for the cockpit enclosure – this has been on the to do list for a number of years. So, if we feel motivated there is lots to do.

A few words about my day in Washington –

For me it was all about people. I loved having time with my sister, although the bus ride could have been much shorter and I still would have been happy.

Sisters, sisters there were never such devoted sisters.........................

Space shuttle - SO BIG!!!

Memorial at air and space museum near Dulles airport.

Vietnam memorial at night.

Korean war memorial - haunting at night

Lincoln memorial - many eighth graders there on a school trip - What a guy!

Washington DC is a wonderful city with so much to see. I saw the MLK memorial and the Roosevelt memorial – both for the first time and both were impressive. I walked the Mall and saw a few of the Smithsonian museums including the Visitors Center which is in the original Smithsonian building, now called the castle. The story about the establishment of the Smithsonian is fascinating – which was started with about $500,000 donated by a guy who had never been to the US.

MLK Memorial

FDR Memorial - I joined the food line

Eleanore was some lady - First delegate to the United Nations

Smithsonian visitor's center

I had lunch with Sarah Feinberg, along with a phone call to Gail Dorph. These are both women that I worked with more than 20 years ago when I traveled frequently to New York City on behalf of the Mandel Foundation and Council for Initiatives in Jewish Education. It was great catching up – thank you Sarah for storing my suitcase for me while I walked DC. I did 17,000 steps.

Sarah and Sheila

Then Michael Goodman, who was the best man at our wedding 38 years ago, gave me a ride back to Annapolis and had dinner with me and Bob at Carol’s Creek Café. We had a great time reminiscing about friends and Camp Wise. Bob and I had eaten at Carol’s Creek more than 30 years ago and Bob had been talking about the experience we had there ever since we got to Annapolis. I am happy to report that it was still as good as we remembered.

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