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From Daytona Beach we went to Titusville and toured the Kennedy Space Center. There was a launch the day before we arrived but we didn’t see it. It was a bit cloudy and we just weren’t looking in the right direction at the time of the launch – sorry we missed it.

We spent an entire day at the space center - a very worthwhile trip. It was interesting to hear about the plans for human exploration of Mars and see the astronaut hall of fame. This is one place where you pay one fee and everything is included. The IMAX show is the only thing that put me to sleep for a few minutes. The sheer size of the shuttle and other rockets is overwhelming. We took a bus tour out to see a few of the launching pads and even saw alligators along the way.

Bob with NASA sign

Rocket Garden

Shuttle Atlantis

Atlantis with cargo area open

Atlantis - another view

Launch pad

We were fortunate to be able to have dinner with our friend Doris and her husband, Michael while in Titusville. Doris gave tender loving care to Karen when I first went back to work after she was born. Doris made the transition for me much easier and I will forever be grateful to her.

After Titusville, we anchored just south of Melbourne and then motored on to Ft Pierce. The anchorage was peaceful and this was the first anchorage that we found on our own and used all by ourselves. It was a bit freaky at first, but then I loved the solitude. Fort Pierce is just a one night stop on our way to Lake Worth. We will anchor tonight at Peck Lake and then join the guys at Old Port Cove Marina to provision and finalize plans for the Bahamas.

View of a fixed bridge from the deck of Her Diamond.

Some thoughts about the ICW.

  • We have seen tens of dolphins playing alongside the boat.I never tire of seeing them jump out of the water

  • The houses along the way are amazing.Some sections of the ICW are narrow and you really get a good look at the homes.Some are wider and less interesting.

  • This last leg of the trip has had a lot of bridges.Most are fixed and 65 feet high and we are able to go under with no trouble.We only need 60 feet of clearance.There are bridge boards at the base of each fixed bridge that tells you how high the bridge is at the current tide level.

  • Yesterday we saw a number of jet skiers slaloming down the ICW.We have been very comfortable in the 80 degree weather but they (locals) were wearing wet suits.

  • The next leg on the ICW will include 7 bascule bridges in 20 miles.Some open upon request and some have a fixed schedule like on the hour or half hour.We will see how that goes.


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