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We arrived at Old Port Cove Marina on Wednesday and were greeted by two smiling faces, Bill and Michael. It was so good to see them. After some settling in we went for dinner with Karen and Hugh – also good to see them after a week or so apart. They were leaving for the Bahamas the next day!

We needed at least two days to do the necessary shopping to provision the boat for the Bahamas. So Thursday and Friday shopping included:

One more stop at West Marine for additional jerry cans and other misc. items.

Bulk shopping at Costco

Apple store for new iPad – Bob’s retirement gift from Temple staff

CVS – for a few cosmetics

Bank – need cash for the entry fee to the Bahamas

Home Depot – wood for a motor mount for the dinghy motor

Publix – groceries

We were thankful that the guys had already rented a car which we could use for the next two days.

Some misc. thoughts about the Bahamas

  1. Sunday is supposed to be a very low wind day so it should be good for crossing the Gulf Stream.Of course we have listened to other forecasts that have been dead wrong so I am a bit skeptical

  2. We will be out of sight of land for some time – the trip is about 55 miles.

  3. We are excited about getting to the Bahamas and the Abaco Islands and are determined to SLOW down once we get there.It will be okay to just sit!!!!We have not taken the air chair out since the Chesapeake.Other than the time in New York, Baltimore and Annapolis, we feel like we have been moving at a fairly quick pace since July 23rd

  4. We spent hundreds of dollars on food for the Bahamas – and yet I am concerned that I did not buy enough.Some people provision and take six months of food with them – but we don’t know exactly how long we will be staying and I am counting on buying some things along the way, like fresh fruits and vegetables and of course fresh fish.

  5. We spent at least an hour last night with our dock neighbor Joe - going over his favorite spots in the Bahamas.He has gone there numerous times - six of the trips were single handling.I can’t imagine that. In an earlier life Joe was an air force captain and airline pilot.

  6. My phone (Verizon) will not work in the Bahamas unless we switch sym cards and then I will have a different number.Not sure exactly how that is going to work.Bob’s phone (T Mobile) will still be working.

Hope everyone had a wonderful Hanukah holiday and we wish you a wonderful new year.When next I write it will be from the sunny Bahamas.Good Night.

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