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Anchoring right outside of Shark River was a pleasure. We didn’t have much protection from the wind except from the east, but since the forecast was for light winds, we thought we were okay. This is one time where the forecast was right on and we had a peaceful night without the bugs that we had been warned about.

After leaving Shark River and motor sailing for a while, we checked the weather and realized there was rain and heavy winds in the forecast for the next two days so we quickly changed our plans and instead of anchoring in Naples we went into the City Marina. The marina had been undergoing a planned reconstruction and had just opened for business March 1st. They have brand new floating docks and we were lucky enough to be the first to use the shower facilities. This was an unexpected pleasure.

One of the "smaller" homes along the water in Naples.

We got our bikes out and rode up to the West Marine (of course) to purchase some fishing gear and came back via the beach road. The houses here are not to be believe – gorgeous and each one different from the other. We walked the Naples pier half of which is still closed due to hurricane damage. There was construction going on everywhere – not sure how much was hurricane repairs and how much was just Naples growing and improving.

It was a windy day at the Naples Pier

Funny pelicans resting at Naples City dock

Our new bait bucket we bought in Naples.

Both Bob and I were coughing almost since we got to Naples and we thought we were getting chest colds. But, while walking away from the pier we heard other people talking about coughing and then noticed a “Red Tide” notice posted near the entrance to the beach. Red Tide is a high concentration of Karenia Brevis (plant-like organism/algae) that causes respiratory distress. The symptoms go away if you are not close to the beach. We were relieved to know we were not getting sick and the symptoms did go away when we left Naples. Apparently this is also an issue in Sarasota – interesting.

Red Tide sign posted at Naples beach

Brand new floating docks at Naples City Marina. See the Cavs flag??

We left Naples having met some very nice people (Rusty and Mary Jo), enjoyed a delicious happy hour at Tommy Bahamas (half price appetizers), rode our bikes and got some great exercise, and saw beautiful homes. Thanks Naples!

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