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There is No Place Like Home

My trip to Cleveland was scheduled to last 6 days, two of which were traveling. I went from Key West to Newark and then to Cleveland. With delayed flights I didn’t get to Cleveland until after 10:00 pm, having left Key West around 1:30 pm – a very long day. This is what happens when United Airlines no longer uses Cleveland as a hub. But, I have only nice things to say about United as I changed by return flight date four times and they never charged me a change fee! I think it helps that I bought my ticket with miles – but everyone I spoke to was nothing but helpful and understanding.

I said goodbye to BKH - see from the top of the mast of Scout - the blue hulled boat in the middle is Her Diamond.

My original reason for going home was to see my mom, daughters, siblings and friends. Last year I didn’t come home once during the six months we were away and mom let me know that she didn’t want me repeating that experience. So, with mileage credits and the use of a car to get to the Key West Airport (thank you Stan and Beth) – it was relatively easy, although tiring, to make the trip.

The Cardington house looked great – our house sitter, Jonathan, is doing a good job keeping things in order. We have been so lucky thus far with strangers (who later became friends of a sort) living in our home. Unfortunately, my car didn’t start when I first got to the house, so I had to call AAA to give me a jump. They came quickly and I have had no issues since the initial jump.

Karen, Scott and Bubby at the Friedman's celebrating birthdays.

Bubby looks great. At 94 she is as sharp as a tack. We shared a number of meals and did some shopping. I was able to see the entire family when Dona hosted a birthday celebration at their house Sunday evening.

The next two weeks were full of breakfasts, lunches, coffee and dinners with family and friends. A visit to the Jewish Federation to see my past coworkers – I found out I probably don’t have a job there this summer. The past two summers I had a wonderful gig working three days a week in the accounting department doing special software related projects and helping prepare for the annual audit while earning a great wage. It was wonderful while it lasted. So, if you know of anyone looking for accounting help this coming summer – part time – let me know. If I can’t find something in accounting I might be looking for a job at a garden center – no stress!!!

Just prior to my trip home, Karen and her boyfriend of 4 years broke up. As you could expect – Karen was pretty upset. So part of my trip home included helping her weed through belongings, making his and hers piles and packing as much as we could. She found a beautiful apartment in Westlake, right near Crocker Park with a wood burning fireplace and washer dryer in the apartment. She will be moving 2.15.2020. I probably will not be home for the move, but she has a wonderful support system in place, including a friend driving in from PA and brother in law, Tony who like her father can put anything together. Thank you to Lauren, her longtime friend, for the moral support she has offered. I felt good that when I left, Karen was rounding a corner and I loved the time I got to spend with her. It is heartwarming to see your kid become a capable, compassionate professional.

Karen, Lynne and I went to visit the newest member of the family, Teresa and Gina Palladino's daughter, Elia Adina Nathalie Palladino. Boy is she a cutie. Congratulations to the grandparents Maurice and Meg Leiser!!!!

Shaina had some medical issues which entailed several emergency room visits during my stay. I was gratified to be able to offer her moral support and our relationship, definitely took giant steps forward. She is a strong woman who has had to face many challenges. We have the utmost of faith in her.

Shaina and I took Aunt Lynne to dinner at the Heinens on 9th Street, where Shaina is working. Had a delicious dinner. The architecture in that place is amazing. A true Cleveland treasure.

Bob seemed to do great while I was gone with boat projects, pickle ball, exercise group and happy hours keeping him busy. We are blessed with excellent cruising friends – some old and some new. Thank you for looking out for him these past two weeks.

These are happy feet. While home, Shaina treated me to a pedicure and Karen to a manicure. Two weeks later they still look good and now I can wear sandels! Thank you again Shaina it was a real treat.

So here I sit back on the boat and it is a comfortable 73 degrees but it is pouring rain outside. Bob, Bill and Michael came to the Key West airport to get me yesterday after a 2 hour delay in Newark. I am glad to be home – it took me all morning to start to get reorganized and it will take a few days for me to catch up on my sleep. I am grateful for all of the wonderful people in my life.

More to come.....

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