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2.24.2020 The Weeks That Were

This past week or two has been for the books. I came back to help my siblings with my mother. She fell in her apartment and although she didn’t break anything her confidence around walking was shook to the core. She is currently at Montefiore getting 10 hours a week of PT and OT. We are hopeful that after two more weeks she will be able to go back to Myers.

I was able to help Karen move into her new apartment in Westlake. The space is beautiful, although there are maintenance issues that the new owners need to address ASAP. She has a two bedroom, two bath space with a lovely open concept kitchen and living room. Her shar pei, Honey Bear, has really taken to the place.

The day of the move I came down with the flu. I have not been this sick in many years. Fever, cough nausea and diarrhea were the worst of the symptoms. I continued to try to function taking only one day off to try and sleep it off. I need to get my mom situated before I can think of leaving………

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